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We create a meeting place, where we offer a special, exclusive and didactic service.

We constantly renew the billboard of events and diversify the activities carried out in our Restaurant.

We invite you to live unique experiences and share with people with the same interests, while enjoying a warm atmosphere with music and good food.

Be you also a beetle

The Food House of the MinE, Delibery

I mean

* Veal, Grilled vacuum made at low temperature, 300 grams of flavor. € 11

* Pure fresh product seafood platter, squid, prawns, salmon, grouper and mussels. € 16

* Salad, goat cheese and full of vegetables, vinaigrettes and toppings. € 10

* Salmon Tataki, the best prepared sashimi. € 12

* Chicken a l'ast, for two or three people, on request. € 16

* Suquet of mere vegetables and the best seafood broth. € 15

* Pizza, as we like to eat it, one whole is for two people. € 14

(margarita, sweet ham, Neapolitan, onion, choose one of them)

* Spinach and ricotta cannelloni, smoked béchamel. € 11

* Picnic of tapas! for the beach, the terrace, the park or wherever you are. (for 3o4people) € 20

(bread with tomato , ham, raw vegetables, hummus, olives, salmon and cheese fajitas)

I mean

Catering-barbacoa a domicilio-chef privado-eventos

We are a fan of

inexhaustible proposals, our international shooting highlights

and it gives us a

unique ability to interpret your ideas, cook and prepare events


A different sense of your meeting, the group, the celebration, a birthday, enjoy the outdoors.

Barbecue bar for drinks, cocktails and drinks, all spectacular.

We carry music and much more!

I focus on your private event, we give it all the importance and dedication that your service requires, formal or fun .... there is one thing for sure, I go and cook for you!

Creativity, concept, actuality and all the senses activated if you give us the green light so that we can prepare your event for you.

From a Brunch

   electronic, a Silent Party, even the best party of the 80s

The MInE is that kind of place that surprises you , that baffles you, from the moment you enter until you leave you do not understand where you are, they left you with a good taste in your mouth. We like what we do

The difference is in the quality of the material in our events, from the crockery and decoration to the Gourmet vision of the starred restaurants where we have formed, Catalonia, France, Denmark.

The surprise will begin when the accompaniments, the sauces, the staging and the creativity begin to have an effect on the guests, that different touch that will make us feel that we have chosen well so that our event becomes an unforgettable moment.

MinE is creativity, MinE is Magic.

During 2018 we settled in Senegal, we set up a restaurant and the whole concept of the project, we taught how to work, cook and direct the staff, it was quite a challenge, enriching from the first day to the last.

Brunch MinE

Senegal Special

We created this moment for you to try our experience in Senegal.

The flavors and the way of cooking in this type of cuisine will make you approach for a moment the culinary culture of Senegal.

18€ per person.

You choose 3 dishes, you combine it as you like.

MinE Experience

Cook and present

We will receive you in one of our restaurant, you can try our homemade vermouth and the distinctive Catalan pa amb tomacat while I introduce myself and show you the place. Then get to work, I will teach you to prepare 3 classic dishes of my restaurant, an entree, a second and an exclusive dessert. Not only can you learn to cook them but at the end you will know the secret of a good place, so that you can apply it to all your dishes surprise your friends. Once the production is finished, we will eat the product together assessing the quality of a well-made dish, answer all your questions and spend a pleasant moment.

Can you imagine preparing a tasting menu next to you for your friends? with the secrets and the quality of the plating.

Between Canvases and Wines

We create this space where you can live an artistic experience, you can express yourself, experience and learn from the hand of great local and international artists.

You don´t need to be an expert, it is an event suitable for any profile, you just have to win to share a pleasant moment full of art and good wine.

Each event will have a host artist who will invite you to know his work and his artistic career. He will then propose an exercise on which they will work while serving as a guide and assistant.

You will also enjoy some glasses of wine and tapas to accompany the process.

Price for person                              25€

Duration                                           1 hour 30 min

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